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Order fast, easy and in comfort at your favorite bars with zero queuing!

Fast, safe, simple

The future of dining out

HelloLine is your very own mobile order service, tailored to your venue, tailored to your customers!

This is how it works

This app is made for you!

The user places the order on their phone which the bartender receives on their tablet at the bar. The bartender notifies the customer through our app if their order is ready and can be picked up or possibly their food and drinks will be served to them.

This Want to know why will they use it?

This app is made for you!





Bar or Pub owner?

This app is made for you!

Endless upselling ops

Offers tailored to your customers' tastes.

Free up the bar

Less cash payments, organized orders, smaller queues = smiling bartenders.

Short training time

If you're a smartphone user, you'll learn it in a minute,.. if not, you might need two.

This is your place

Set your discount, happy hours and flash deals as you like! Your bar's profile is fully customizable.

Restaurant, Bistro or Street Food owner?

Then you'll love this!

Things have never been this simple

Your customers can order from their mobiles so waiters can see what each table needs in real-time.

Share the weight of peak hours

With pre-orders for food and drinks, even your rush hours will be a whim (maybe a little more than that).

The perfect loyalty club

Tailor-made offers according to each users’ habits, customizable coupons, automated upselling.

Home delivery and dining out

By connecting it with your home delivery system, you can incite customers with custom offers and push notifications.

What do you need to begin?

This app is made for you!


Few tasks are as simple as setting up HelloLine for your business:

  • Assets: No special hardware required – a tablet or a computer is all you need!

  • Infrastructure: Restaurants, bistros: None!

Bars, clubs with no waiters: setting up a pick-up point at the bar

  • Customization: Your menu and current offers will be pre-loaded, you can easily modify anything on your own

  • System implementation: HelloLine works independently from your current system and can be incorporated easily

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This app is made for you!


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Customers pay convenience fee.

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This app is made for you!

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